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Blu-ray High-Resolution Demo Tracks

Includes 13 full length, high-resolution tracks from the award-winning AIX Records catalog!

  • 1.  Let Them In – John Gorka

    An intimate and emotional baritone voice singing a setting of a poem from WWII.  From The Gypsy Life  (AIX 85043)

  • 2.  Is It Only Me – Hanna/McEuen

    Two cousins — and sons of two members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band — sing country in harmony. From Tried and True (AIX 80048)

  • 3.  We Just Disagree – Dave Mason

    This amazing intimate acoustic version of one of Dave Mason’s biggest hits was done for an EHX demo disc. From EHX Fall 2007.

  • 4.  My Boy Lollipop – Alana Davis & Ernest Ranglin

    Ernest Ranglin has been described as the “father of Ska” for his contributions to Jamaican music. From Order of Distinction (AIX 85047)

  • 5. Lulu’s Back In Town – Steve March Tormé

    Steve March Tormé’s famous father Mel performed this tune. From Tormé Sings Tormé (AIX 83042)

  • 6. Mujaka  – The Latin Jazz Trio

    One of our first and most popular albums. This trio shows off why high-resolution audio is a winner. From The Latin Jazz Trio (AIX 80011)

  • 7. All the Things You Are  – James Walker and Free Flight

    James Walker created one of the first classical-jazz fusion ensembles in the 1980s. From Threads (AIX 86063)

  • 8. Guitar Noir – Laurence Juber

    The award-winning Guitar Noir album is our biggest selling album. From Guitar Noir (AIX 80018)

  • 9. Shostakovich – Piano Quintet Op. 57/Prelude – Chamber Music Palisades

    A world class chamber ensemble performs a 20th century masterpiece.. From Shostokovich… (AIX 85052)

  • 10. It Was A Lover and His Lass – Zephyr: Voices Unbound

    A 12-voice a cappella SATB choir performs a madrigal in this hi-res recording. From Zephyr: Voices Unbound (AIX 80012)

  • 11. Mozart – Overture to the Marriage of Figaro – C. Mandeal – G. Enescu Phil.

    An overture from one of Mozart’s familiar operas in hi-res music. From Mixtures I: A Classical Sampler (AIX 85052)

  • 12. Stravinsky – The Firebird Suite/Finale – C. Mandeal – G. Enescu Phil.

    A 20th century orchestral masterpiece like you’ve never heard before. From Ravel & Stravinsky (1339 AX)

      • 13. Prophet – JMK

        An acoustic/electronics composition from LA-based composer John Keane. From JMK (AIX  85060)

      About The Blu-ray Disc

      Reading about high-end music recording and reproduction demands actual examples be made available to confirm statements made in the text.

      The Blu-ray disc (or downloaded files) that accompanies this book contains 13 individual high-resolution music tracks from the AIX Records catalog, a variety of audio/music comparison tracks, and a series of useful test tones. Other high-end audio books talk a lot about music fidelity and equipment but never actually provide audio demonstrations in support of codecs, expensive cables, audiophile tweaks, formats, and accessories. As a music producer, audio engineer, and label owner, I have the capability and content necessary to support the statements and concepts presented in the text. Check out the Music and Audio demo Blu-ray disc.

      Disc Information

      • ISBN: 978-0-9973566-0-1
      • Music Demos: 13 tracks
      • Mixes: 2.0 Stereo, 5.1 “Stage”: & 5.1 “Audience”
      • Published: January 21, 2018
      • Available as: Blu-ray or Downloadable files
      • Edition: First Edition
      • Publisher: AIX Publishing

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      Use your own system and ears to evaluate the claims of the high-end industry.

      Blu-ray Comparisons & Test Tones

      Listen to different levels of mastering, see if you can hear the differences between audio formats, and compare mixing types.

      • Mastering Comparison

        The last stage of a recorded music production is called mastering. During a mastering session, the engineer (and sometimes the artist) evaluates the overall sound of the various tracks and makes final, critical adjustments to the equalization and dynamics of album. The mastering demonstrations on the Blu-ray disc show the dramatic differences between a natural non-mastered original track and progressive levels of mastering — with and without normalization.

        The following chart shows the dynamic range of each version.

        The following non-normalized, standard-resolution CD versions are available:

        • Audio Track 1 – 44.1 kHz/16-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM – No Compression
        • Audio Track 2 – 44.1 kHz/16-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM – Light Compression
        • Audio Track 3 – 44.1 kHz/16-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM – Moderate Compression
        • Audio Track 4 – 44.1 kHz/16-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM – Heavy Compression
        • Audio Track 5 – 44.1 kHz/16-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM – Extreme Compression

      Mastering Levels


      • Format Comparison

        Music consumers have an unprecedented number of formats in which to consume music. Before the age of digital audio, music lovers could listen to music through the radio (AM & FM), vinyl LPs, 8-track tapes, analog cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and 45 rpm singles. All of these analog formats were products of their time (the distant and not-so-distant past) and suffered from compromises in fidelity for a variety of reasons. Some of them are still around today. Analog tape and vinyl LPs, which were written off years ago as obsolete and cumbersome, are experiencing a resurgence of sorts. With the arrival of digital music formats, fidelity has generally improved but market forces have allowed portability and convenience to trump sonic quality.

        The following formats are available:

        • Audio Track 1 – High-Res Music Original 96 kHz/24-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM
        • Audio Track 2 – CD-Audio 44.1 kHz/16-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM
        • Audio Track 3 – Analog Tape/96 kHz/24-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM
        • Audio Track 4 – MP3 320 kbps/96 kHz/24-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM
        • Audio Track 5 – MP3 256 kbps/96 kHz/24-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM
        • Audio Track 6 – MP3 128 kbps/96 kHz/24-bit/2-channel Stereo PCM

        The format with the greatest potential fidelity is the the original 96 kHz/24-bit PCM recording. This track was awarded the CEA 2002 “Demmy” Award for “Best High-Resolution” track.


      Full High-Resolution


      CD-Audio Resolution

      The Perfect Demonstration Disc

      The Blu-Ray Disc: Demo Tracks and More

      The passengers were often bathed in spray, but they submitted toith her eyes fastened upon her protector, mountains of water which rose behind whose coolness amazed her.

      Real Hi-Res Music Tracks!

      Audition 13 real hi-res music tracks on your own system! Audio fidelity better than vinyl, CDs & analog tape.

      Formats Comparisons

      Have you ever wondered if you can perceive fidelity differences between analog and digital formats?

      Mastering & Mixing Comps

      Hear a track unmastered and compare it to different degrees of mastering. Listen to audience & stage 5.1 mixes.